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An accounting information system is way of preparing a database after scrutinizing and molding the information at hand regarding the transactions and financial computing of a company. Such a database can be then used for ease of work by the servicemen of a company. The system happens to be a blend of principles of accounting at one hand and the advanced information technology in the other. Students looking for Accounting Information System Case Study Help Online Service can have a detailed description of its elements.

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Elements of Accounting Information System Case Study Help Stakeholders


  • 1. People

In a very efficient manner an accounting information system brings various departments of a company to work in a close proximity with each other. The employees from different areas like accountants, managers and auditors can get all the information of finance statements, accounts etc. as and when needed. The reference source being the same, the data in various records remain same which is essential to avoid confusion.

  • 2. Process

The sequence of methodologies used for getting, compiling and for later stage reference come under the process. An Accounting Information System Assignment Help On line Service essentially requires an encoding and decoding process for employees who have access to it. The processes involve both technical and manual inputs.

  • 3. Software

Safeguarding and providing facts without distortion to the employees is the software’s sole purpose in an Accounting information system. It is often required in all businesses in some form or the other. Customization is also done by the companies to facilitate handling and managing of data in the easiest possible way. Businesses use Microsoft, sage group and other software.

  • 4. Data

All the information regarding the financial transactions of a company, no matter how trivial are accorded as data to be considered under the Accounting Information System Assignment Help Online Service.

  • 5. IT foundation

It refers to the hardware used for the system to function healthily. The software and the hardware used for a system must go hand in hand, having a match. Otherwise it may be problematic in the long run. Often companies acquire a hardware and suitable software for that together. It’s called a turnkey system.

  • 6. Control:

It is the encrypting and concealing of the data that has been recorded in the information system. To stop illegal access to the folders contained in it, there has to be proper protection through a security system which is hard to trespass. Ciphering is an integral part of the system. It is as important as the collection of data at the first place.

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