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A budget is a quantitative expression of a financial plan for a specific period of time. Essentials of budget given in Budget Planning Assignment Help Online Service include: controlling resources, evaluating the performance of managers, providing clear view of company’s performance, motivate managers to achieve budget goals. Budget planning involves recognizing the sources of income and taking into account all current and future expenditure. The main aim of a budget planner is to ensure savings after allotment for spending. Good budgeting strategies ensures successful management of one’s expenses and record of savings so that investments are made accordingly, securing one’s future. Due to increased life expectancy there is a growing need of increased retirement savings, while most of the people are living under the burden of loan or depending on credit card to maintain high standards of living. As a result there is a growing need of efficient budget planning.

Advantages of budget planning are given by Budget Planning Assignment Help Online Service:


• It helps in maintaining ones standard of living after retirement.
• It puts checks or balances in place to prevent over spending at different levels.
• It takes into account the unexpected need for funds.

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Steps for Budget Planning


The step wise procedure for budget planning given by Budget Planning Assignment Help Online Service is explained below:

  • 1. Computing Expenses-

The first step n preparation of budget is determining the amount spent by a business each month. This can be done by consulting the bank statements, financial files and receipts. For intermittent expenses like insurance, the correct financial picture can be assessed by calculating an average for 6 months to a year. To calculate the average monthly expense, the amount spent for the last 6-12 months is added and then divided by the amount of months. Adding an extra 10-15% would cover the risk of unexpected bills.

  • 2. Determining Income-

Actual income can be determined after figuring out the amount of money needed to stay afloat financially each month. Accurate picture can be drawn out by adding in any extra funds that may arise throughout the year like sale of items online or via garage sales, cash gifts and other sources like interest, rental income, and dividends apart from regular salary.

  • 3. Setting savings and repayment goals-

Realistic savings and repayment goals can be determined by finding out if there is a budget shortfall or overage. This can be done by subtracting monthly expenses from income. I income is more than expenses this can be used to payoff debt and savings. But if expenses are more than income, in order to save and not to go for raising any further loans some expense are to be cut.

  • 4. Recording spending and tracking progress-

Recording all expense and incomes is the best way to stay on top of the budget.

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