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Data is a collection of facts, instructions, concepts, ideas in a formalized manner. Data is the plural of datum, a single piece of information. It can be of two types both qualitative and quantitative. Qualitative data is a reference to information which can be expressed as a quality and the information which can be expressed as a quantity is called quantitative data. Data Research is a data that is collected or created, for analyzing to produce original research results. Data Research Assignment help gives a broad idea about it. It includes:

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• Word documents, spreadsheets, diaries
• Photographs, audiotapes, videotapes
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• Slides, samples, codes
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• Database contents(video, audio, images)
• Collection of digital objects
• Standard operating procedures and protocols

Data Research and Its Types

Data Research can be processed for different purposes and by different methods. Research Data is of two types- Primary Data research and Secondary data research. Primary data research is the data collected by a person himself/herself for a specific purpose, example data collected by a student for thesis purpose. Secondary data research is the data collected by someone else for some other purpose, example survey data being used to analyse the impact of education on career choice. Data research is explained in details in Data Research Assignment Help:

1.Observational Data: It includes the data which is captured in real time and cannot be replaced. The Researcher has no control over this. There is no experimental manipulation. For example, survey data, medical reports, stock market reports, sample data, neurological images, number of children, people who are jobless, etc.
2.Derived Data: It is basically a data which is derived from other data elements using a mathematical, logical, or other type of information. For example, 3D Models, text and data mining.
3.Experimental Data: it is produced by various measurements, test experiments. It is often reproducible but can be expensive. It may be qualitative or quantitative. It can be manipulated by the researcher. For example, gene sequences, chemical treatments,
4.Reference Data: The data which contains permissible information or values to be used by other data fields. Reference data gain in value when are widely re-used. Examples are units of measurement, country codes, corporate codes, calendar, Fixed Conversion rates e.g., temperature, length, weight, height. Details can be found at Data Research Assignment help.
5.Simulation Data: These data are generated from test models. It is the imitation of the operation of a real world system over time. It is used in safety engineering, testing, training, education, video games and performance optimization. It is used when the real world system cannot be engaged, because it may not be accessible, or it is being designed and yet not built, or it may be dangerous and cannot be engaged.

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