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It is software which was developed by leading software giant Microsoft Corporation which gives user a spreadsheet system to organize, review, format and calculate data which are stored in separate rows and columns, it is the best spreadsheet system available in the market to work on our day to day activities. It usually comes in bundled with Microsoft most popular business application suits called Microsoft Office Suite. It was first released initially in 1985 by Microsoft to produce an automated spreadsheet system to get rid of traditional paper based products. It has lot of features such as macros, rows, columns, pivot tables, and other important business tools which had graphical interface unlike other spreadsheets. It is saved with an .xls file extension. It is lot different than Microsoft word as it mainly used to calculate data stored in rows and columns using formulas. It performs arithmetic operations based on financial need of the organization using predefined formulas. It also uses graphical methods such as histograms, graphs and charts to analyze and display data in a spreadsheet. It has all the features needed to be present in a database but it is not a database and does not perform like it. This spreadsheet applications help in day to day works like monthly budget, listing of details such as Employee details, salary details. It also supports programming using Visual Basic which is software for complex calculations. Detailed analysis of Excel can be done at Excel Assignment Help Online.

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Versions of Excel Described by Excel Assignment Help Online:-

  • Version 2.0:-

It was created in 1987 and was a free run time version of Microsoft Office. It outnumbered every other spreadsheet applications in the market such as Lotus.

  • Version 3.0:-

It was created in 1990, and was an advanced version of the earlier software; it included a lot of features such as charts, outlining capacities, drawing scopes and other graphical tools helping the user in a better way.

  • Version 4.0:-

It was developed in 1992, and has the most important feature of auto fill, which helped in reducing significant amount of time while handling data.

  • Version 5.0:-

It was released in 1993, and contained the capabilities of solving complex problems and calculations using programming and formulas called Visual Basic Programming

The latest version was released in 2016 with features like readymade tools, easy chart access, excel forecasting functions, better access of keyboard for pivot tables.
The Detail analysis of Excel and spreadsheets can be done at Excel Assignment Help.

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