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Petty cash book is an accounting book in which all petty (small) payments are made through petty cash fund and is recorded systematically. It helps large business concerns to reduce the load of Main cash book. Petty cash book is maintained by a Petty cashier, who is appointed by the Chief cashier. In a petty cash book separate column is allotted for each type of expenditure. There is only one money column on the debit side where all sum received time to time from the Chief cashier is entered by the petty cashier. Several columns are present on the credit side. The difference between petty cash book and main cash book is that in petty cash book only small expenses are recorded, but in main cash book both small and large expenses are recorded. Stamps, postages, wages, stationary, etc. small expenses are recorded in it.

The advantages of petty cash book is given in Petty Cash Book Assignment Help Online Service –


• Records of all petty payments are maintained systematically.
• It helps in controlling petty expenses by comparing it between two periods.
• It helps in making the main cash book more informative by including only large transactions.
• It supplies information regarding small payments made on different heads.

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System of Petty Cash Book Accounting

The different systems of petty cash accounting explained in Petty Cash Book Assignment Help Online Service are: –

  • 1. Open system: –
  • In Open system, the petty cashier first receives a fixed sum of money from the chief cashier, for meeting petty expenses. When the given amount is spent, the chief cashier again pays the sum required by the petty cashier.

    • 2. Fixed Advance System: –

    In fixed advance system, the chief cashier gives a fixed sum of money to the petty cashier for a fixed period of time.

    • 3. Imprest System: –


    In Imprest system, the total petty expenses for a particular period is calculated and that amount is given in advance by the chief cashier to the petty cashier. This amount of money is called as imprest cash.

    This system is followed by most of the business concerns. When the fixed period is expired, a statement of all expenses is prepared by the petty cashier and is submitted to the chief cashier. This statement is known as statement of petty, expenses. It is a very scientific method and is labour saving. There is a reduction in the commission of fraud as the chief cashier verifies the petty cash book and in case of fault, the Petty cashier would be responsible.

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