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Project Management Assignment Help
Project Management Assignment Help

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Our experts of project management case study help defines project management is used by an organization to develop the ability, information, tools and techniques of project activities to meet up all the project necessities.

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Some of the project management processes are as follow:

  • Initiating
  • Planning
  • Executing
  • Monitoring and controlling
  • Closing

Various Tools and approaches employ to provide project Management Assignment Help

In this section we are providing examples of various tools while preparing a project management report to provide Project management assignment help for a PMP student or any other scholars. We will show various tools used and its application for a project to establish sales management system for a company called Grand Wines (GW).

Approach of Project Manager


The manager approach will be to develop sales management based IT system for Grand Wines to manage sales for its sales officer and improve its services to the customers. The entire sales management strategy is to create a computer-based system that would allow it to manage the total sales management as well as its customer service work so as to achieve efficient management  with following objectives:-

  • Improvement in Customer Management under Grand Wines
  • Minimizes customers waiting time for delivery
  • Decreases paper work between the office and other entities
  • Increases quality of customer care
  • Optimizes Sales Management process to improve efficiency and effectiveness of the organizations.
  • Give competitive Advantage over its competitors.


Tools 1:- Work Breakdown Structure for Project Management Assignment Help

The work breakdown structure can be prepared for all the seventeen activities involved in the project as given below. Code should be provided to make preparation easier.

Sub ActivitiesCode
Project Need AnalysisA
Project Plan PreparationB
Layout DevelopmentC
Development of Sales force InterfaceD
Interface FinalizationE
Structural ProgrammingF
Order Management DevelopmentG
Integration with Internal Order SystemH
Starting of Marketing CampaignI
Integration with Operational ProcessJ
Establishment of major FacilitiesK
Integration with Financial ProcessL
Initial TestingM
Bug FixingN
Testing in Live serverO
Finalization of Sales Management SystemP
Starting of Order BookingQ


Tools 1.1 :- Gantt Chart Preparation

The duration and dependencies of each task as mentioned above are as follows:-

Sub ActivitiesCodePreceding ActivityDuration
Project Need AnalysisANone15 days
Project Plan PreparationBA7 days
Layout DevelopmentCA,B7 days
Development of Sales force InterfaceDC10 days
Interface FinalizationED5 days
Structural ProgrammingFC,D10 days
Order Management DevelopmentGE7 days
Integration with Internal Order SystemHF,G10 days
Starting of Marketing CampaignIH10 days
Integration with Operational ProcessJI9 days
Establishment of major FacilitiesKJ11 days
Integration with Financial ProcessLK7 days
Initial TestingMK7 days
Bug FixingNK,E15 days
Testing in Live serverOM,N5 days
Finalization of Sales Management SystemPO7 days
Starting of Order BookingQP8 days


The Gantt chart is developed using MS- Project which shows that the project will start on 01st June 2014 and will complete on 02/12/2014 in 6 months. The detail related to Gantt. Chart is given below:-

Gantt. Chart Examples for Project Management Assignment Help

Tools 2:- Resource Allocation Examples for Project Management Assignment Help


The project scope can be defined in two ways which are the utilization of Human resources and the uses of material and other physical resources. The requirements of different level of manpower and their respective codes are given below:-

Project ManagerPM
Project AssistantPA
Procurement ManagerPM1


The resources for the entire project as per human resource code define in Task 1 are as follows:-

MilestonesTask DescriptionResource
Discovery RequirementProject Need AnalysisPM,PA
Project Plan PreparationPM,PA,PMM
Design Phase-ILayout DevelopmentPM,PMM,D1
Development of Sales force InterfacePM,PA,D1
Interface FinalizationPM,D1
Development Phase-IStructural ProgrammingPM,PA,PMM
Order Management DevelopmentPM,D1
Development Phase-IIIntegration with Internal Order SystemPM,D1,D2
Starting of Marketing CampaignPM,D1,D2
Integration with Operational ProcessPM,D1,D2
Establishment of major FacilitiesPM,PMM,D1,D2
Integration with Financial ProcessPM,D1,D2
TestingInitial TestingPM,D2,T1
Bug FixingPM,T1
Beta TestingTesting in Live serverPM,T1
FinalizationFinalization of Sales Management SystemPM.PA,T1
Starting of Order Booking ProcessStarting of Order BookingPM,PA


Tools 3:- Milestones using SMART Goals Examples for Project Management Assignment Help

The whole Sales management based IT system will be done in 8 milestones using following SMART goals:-

  1. Integration of all Company through ERP system for internal control of operation. This can be implemented by integrating the ERP system into the all-important which integrates all aspects of Saels Management
  2. Development of customer’s interface sales management system Modules to register sales, complaints, track complaint status and to note the Inventory.
  3. Development and Final Testing of Sales Management Efficiency.

The details of all eight milestones related with 17 activities are given below:-

MilestoneSub Activities
Discovery RequirementProject Need Analysis
 Project Plan Preparation
Design Phase-ILayout Development
 Development of Sales force Interface
 Interface Finalization
Development Phase-IStructural Programming
 Order Management Development
Development Phase-IIIntegration with Internal Order System
 Starting of Marketing Campaign
 Integration with Operational Process
 Establishment of major Facilities
 Integration with Financial Process
TestingInitial Testing
 Bug Fixing
Beta TestingTesting in Live server
FinalizationFinalization of Sales Management System
Starting of Order Booking ProcessStarting of Order Booking


Tools 4:- Critical Path Examples for Project Management Assignment Help

The critical path for the entire project using MS- project is given below. It is shown in red bar in the below graphs:-

Critical Path Example

Tools 5- Budget Preparation Examples for Project Management Assignment Help

The budgets for the entire project as per different activities are given below:-

MilestoneSub ActivitiesBudgeted Amount
Discovery RequirementProject Need Analysis $              5,000.00
Project Plan Preparation $            10,000.00
Design Phase-ILayout Development $              5,000.00
Development of Sales force Interface $            20,000.00
Interface Finalization $              5,000.00
Development Phase-IStructural Programming $            15,000.00
Order Management Development $            25,000.00
Development Phase-IIIntegration with Internal Order System $              5,000.00
Integration with Inventory system $              5,000.00
Integration with Operational Process $              5,000.00
Establishment of major Facilities $              5,000.00
Integration with Financial Process $              5,000.00
TestingInitial Testing $              2,000.00
Bug Fixing $              2,000.00
Beta TestingTesting in Live server $              5,000.00
FinalizationFinalization of Sales Management System $              2,000.00
Starting of Order Booking ProcessStarting of Order Booking $              4,000.00


Tools 7- Investment Examples for Project Management Assignment Help


The total cost of ownership can be found by discounting future outflows using assumed discount rate of 10%. The detailed analysis is given below:-

Investment Analysis



Tools 8- Cost Benefit Examples for Project Management Assignment Help

The cost benefit analysis will be done by making cash outflow as mentioned above using potential savings of current system with the new sales management system. It can be analyzed using NPV, IRR and ROI. The detailed analysis is given below:-

Cost Benefits Analysis

Tools 9:- RACI Matric Examples for Project Management Assignment Help


The RACI Matrix is a powerful tool to assist in the identification of roles and assigning of cross-functional responsibilities to a project deliverable or activity.

RACI represents:  R – Responsibility, A – Accountable, C – Consulted, and I – Informed. The detail for the entire project is give below:-

Project ManagerProject AssistantProcurement ManagerDeveloper-1Developer-IITester
MilestonesTask Description
Project Management
Discovery RequirementProject Need AnalysisPS
Project Plan PreparationPSC
Design Phase-ILayout DevelopmentPCC
Development of Sales force InterfaceISC
Interface FinalizationIC
Development Phase-IStructural ProgrammingISCC
Order Management DevelopmentIC
Development Phase-IIIntegration with Internal Order SystemICC
Starting of Marketing CampaignICC
Integration with Operational ProcessICC
Establishment of major FacilitiesICCC
Integration with Financial ProcessICC
TestingInitial TestingICC
Bug FixingIC
Beta TestingTesting in Live serverIC
FinalizationFinalization of Sales Management SystemISC
Starting of Order Booking ProcessStarting of Order BookingPS


Tools 10:- Risks Register Examples for Project Management Assignment Help


The risk register is maintained to take necessary action to minimize risks. The details of risk register and example of some activities registered as a part of it are as follows:-

Tools 10:- Risks Analysis and Probability Impact Matrix for Project Management Assignment Help


The risk analysis is done on the basis of 6 most significant risks for such IT projects. Their probability and code is given below. It is going to affect two performance parameters which are cost and the impact on schedule. The relative impact on the schedule and cost and the overall risk on the basis of that is given below:-

Type of RisksCodeProbability of occurrenceRelative impact on scheduleCost of activityRise in cost due to occurrence of riskSeverityRiskAdditional cost
(in 1000 USD)
Design RisksR10.90.7150025%0.63High375
Delay risksR20.90.63200100%0.54Med3200
Weather RisksR30.50.4400025%0.2Low1000
Design Code RisksR40.80.8220040%0.64High880
Procurement RisksR60.80.6180025%0.48Med450


The PI matrix is built on the above calculations and on the basis of details given below:-

Probabilitycolor codingRisk
Greater than .6High
.2 to .6Med
Less than .2Low


The PI matrix is given below where severity i.e. probability of occurrence is shown in Y-axis and relative impact on X-axis.




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