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Posted on March 21, 2017

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It is an open source programming language which was developed in 1993 initially at bell labs by John Chambers. The first version was initiated in 1995. It is the kind of programming language and it provides an environment for graphical and statistical computing, which are supported under R foundation, for statistical computing. It runs on a variety of platforms such as Mac OS, Windows and a number of UNIX systems. It is a part of GNU movement and is a free software initiative. It is very famous and sought software among data analysts and employee’s working around data statistics and data mining. It was developed by writing the source code in a number of software’s such as C and FORTRAN. It has provided users with both the options of a command based theme as well as graphical based platform making coding easier and simpler. It is an advanced version of previously created ‘S’ programming language but the codes for ‘S’ works quite well with ‘R’ programming language. It has a lot of benefits to choose such as modeling in terms of linear and non-linear, classification of data, time series techniques etc. It provides an open source platform for the extension of ‘S’ language. The most important feature is that the mathematical problems and symbols can be easily included in the design. The detail analysis of the programming language is given under ‘R’ Assignment Help.


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The functions or uses of R programming language are as follows:-

• It is a complete package for data calculation, analyzing, manipulation and graphical output.
• It has an effective and advanced data storage facility. Storage of data is done with ease.
• Data analysis is the important task it performs with its numerous effective tools specially designed to work on statistical and analytic process.
• The added advantage is that it provides an option of graphical display of the output making decision and working a lot more easily.
• It is compared to languages like SPSS, SAS and Stata a lot due to the similarities to the function of all the software’s. but with no surprise ‘R’ comes a winner in comparison with better statistical facilities. Details of comparison can be taken from R Assignment Help.
• It is an open source programming tool and is not manufactured for commercial uses but it has got of a number of sponsor who keep running the version and provide the creation of extensions.
• In comparison with a normal programming language it works the same way as the others. It uses Loops, Functions, Conditions and other user defined entities.

More Analysis and study of Environment of the programming language can be done by ‘R’ Assignment Help.

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