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Sampling is a statistical analysis process. In this process a predetermined number of observations are taken from a larger population (It is the collection of all units of a specific type in a given area at a particular period of time. Examples are population of persons, families in an area or a population of deer and tiger in a forest). Further details about sampling can be understood by Sampling Concepts and Methods Assignment Help.

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Sampling and its various methods:-


The methods used to sample from a large population depend upon the type of analysis. The various types of methods are:-

  • Simple Random Sampling:-

Simple random Sampling is a random sampling where sample is selected from a given population and each unit in the population has a predetermined probability of being selected. This type of sampling is free from bias and remains unaffected by the choice of the selector or researcher. It is more representative as each unit has equal chances of being selected in a given sample. This method is unsuitable when the units in the given population are of different sizes and contain heterogeneous units.

  • Stratified random sampling: –

In Stratified Random sampling the population units are divided into a number of groups. These groups are called as ‘Strata’ and this process of classification of population into strata is known as stratification. This type of sampling works well with a variety of attributes.

  • Cluster Sampling: –

Cluster Sampling is a sampling method in which units from a given population are divided into clusters and a simple random sample of that group is selected. Again the elements present in each sample cluster are sampled. When all the elements in each sample cluster is sampled, it is known as “one-stage” cluster design. When simple random subsample of elements is selected within this group it is known as “two-stage” cluster design. The main aim of this sampling method is to reduce the cost and increase the levels of efficiency of sampling. It is cheaper than other sampling methods. Large population can be taken into account.

  • Systematic Sampling:-

Systematic sampling is a sampling technique in which each unit of the population is given equal probability as in simple random sampling and yet the units are selected systematically. It can also be defined as random sampling with a system. The most common form is equiprobability method.

  • Multistage sampling: –

Multistage sampling is a complex form of cluster sampling. It refers to the sampling process where sampling is carried out in stages with smaller sampling units.
Various techniques about sampling can be learnt from Sampling Concepts and Methods Assignment Help.


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