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It is well known that biology is a science of observations and conclusions. A variety of fields in biology ranging from genetics to agriculture, require the interpretation of huge database. This is where statistics comes into play. Biostatistics is the branch which specifically deals with data collection, their systematisation and interpretation for biological experiments and reasons. Biostatistics is instrumental in analysing the data from biomedical experiments or treatments like mass spectrometry or microarrays. Biostatistics helps to perform all these mass data producing experiments simultaneously while differentiating between the signal and the surrounding noise. Under biostatistics, there are various techniques which often also involve the basic statistical theories. There are certain techniques which are limited to low dimensional data and further specific techniques for high dimension data. Different validation techniques are again used for both of these. Here low and high dimension data simply indicates less and more amount of data respectively. Biostatistics Assignment Help shall highlight the areas of the application of biostatistics.

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Applications of Biostatistics


There are various applications of biostatistics as figures and as a science. Some of them shall be enlisted effectively by Biostatistics Assignment Help.

1. In physiology and anatomy: Biostatistics helps to find out the regularities and anomalies in populations. For instance it can estimate what the regular or healthy height and weight of an individual of a population should be. It can also calculate how both the variables are proportionately varying with respect to each other.

2. Medicines: The testing of medicines and their effective functioning is only confirmed with the help of biostatistics. The population is tested for the disease before and after the doses of the medicine. The comparison shall lead to the conclusion. It is also instrumental in judging the causes and symptoms of a particular disease. It also states relationships between bad habits like smoking and diseases like cancer. Their frequencies shall clarify the degree of dependence of disease on the habit.

3. Biotechnology: The manufacture of medicines and drugs, gene therapy, DNA matching and genetic modifications are nothing but complex analysis by biostatistics.

4. Health planning: Biostatistics Assignment help is highly helpful in summarising the health condition of public before and after the lunch of a particular health program. This shall lead to the conclusion if the program was useful and if it needs any modification.

5. Pharmaceuticals: Here, biostatistics helps to understand and state the potency of a particular drug and its relative actions with any existing drug. Any new drug before being produced in mass is tested on animals to infer if the changes produced are just a matter of coincidence or direct effect of the drug.

Thus the basic meaning and areas of applications were effectively illustrated by Biostatistics Assignment Help.

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