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Median is just one way of determining the average In of a set of data points. The value which separates the higher half and lower half of a data sample, population, or a probability distribution is known as median. The median is the middle score of a setoff data which is arranged in increasing order of their magnitude. It is simply the measure of the central tendency of a given population. Median is a possible location parameter as it summarizes the typical value associated with members of a statistical population. The several choices made for variability when median is used as allocation parameter explained by Median Assignment Help- are- the range, the inter quartile range, the mean, the median absolute deviation, the mean absolute deviation. A median is independent of any distance metric and is defined only on ordered one dimensional data. On the other hand, a geometric median is defined in any number of dimensions. When a distribution is skewed, when one requires reduced importance to be attached to outliers, or when end values are not known, the median can be used as a measure of location.

Medians Of Particular Distribution

The median of certain types of distribution can easily be calculated from their parameters given by Median Assignment Help
• In normal distribution with mean µ and variance σ^2, the median is µ. In case of normal distribution, mean= median=mode.
• The median of symmetric distribution with mean µ is also µ.
• The median of a uniform distribution between the interval [a,b] is (a+b)/2.
• The median of an exponential distribution possessing rate parameter λ is ln2/λ i.e., the natural logarithm of 2 divided by the rate parameter.
• The median of Weibull distribution is λ (ln2)^1/k, where k is the shape parameter and λ is the scale parameter.
• The median of a Cauchy Distribution having scale parameter y and location parameter x is x, the location parameter.

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Method To Find The Median

The methods to find the median explained by Median Assignment Help
Two possibilities arises when finding the median of set of data points

1. When there are odd numbers of data points- If there are odd numbers of data points in a population, first the numbers is arranged in order from smallest to largest. The median will exactly be the middle number, with an equal amount of numbers on both sides of it.
2. When there are even numbers of data points- If the set contains even number of data points, then median will not be the middle number. For this, first the numbers are arranged in increasing order, then the two middle numbers given are taken, added together and divided by 2. This gives the median number.

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