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Any Project that is taken up by a company requires a thorough analysis to confirm its completion in time. So, a proper control on the schedule has to be taken along with the clarity regarding its progress. A project network diagram helps in depicting the activities to keep an eye on project activities. Such a diagram is graphical and helps in better monitoring of the project scenario. It basically states the terminal activity points and then lists the interrelated and dependent requirements that need to be fulfilled so as to reach the final step. It is necessarily drawn from left to right in light of the sequence of completion. It clarifies the sequence of activities. The important feature of network diagram is that it shows the before-after relation without any inclusion of circular references. It also analyses the time involved in planning the project. Understanding the concepts of project network can prove to be challenging for some. Project Network Diagram Methods Homework Help shall strive towards making the process of learning simpler.

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Methods of network diagram

1. Precedence diagram method: It is also referred to as AOL or Activity on node methods. For the simple reason that the tasks are represented within boxes and the task dependencies are shown as lines joining the respective boxes. It segregates the tasks as critical and nontrade critical. It provides the progress of project in the best case scenario as well as worst case scenario. It also has scope for framing situational output. The precedence diagram provides an early start date, late start date along with early finish and late finish date. The amount of delay which can be afforded in the project before it becomes late to complete it. An activity with no slack time appears on critical path. For more information on network diagram, refer Project Network Diagram Methods Homework Help.
2. Critical path method : It is usually an excellent method when used together with PERT. Basically an algorithm that shall allow to know the shortest possible path between two activities. Any Project can have many parallel non critical paths too. Activities on sub critical path do not prolong the project time.
3. PERT: This is well known as project evaluation and review technique. It is an essential feature included in Microsoft office project application. These PERT charts work the best to break down a project’s work efficiently and then put them in a step wise manner. This shall also let the person know the feasible time of completion of the project. This can be viewed as a network diagram too. This shall effectively all the resources required for the tasks to be completed too. The PERT charts and network diagrams work hand in hand. Their productivity is maximized when used together. The network diagram shall provide a flow chart structure which is easily done with the help of Microsoft project. For a lucid account on the methods of network diagrams, go through Project Network Diagram Methods Homework Help.

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