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Statgraphics is user friendly software primarily developed for PCs. It simplifies the task. By the use of statistics being incorporated with graphics, it became revolutionary software. Statgraphics provides point by point assistant tools for every analysis that a user goes through. The software underlines the major need of visualisation of data while analysing it. Along with improvement in the pre existing features, the new version 17 has 32 new features. The users of this software range from space researchers to biomedical researchers. Also, it has farfetched needs in automobile industry, soil testing, water and environment consultancy etc. This software provides assistance in data analysis and statistical modelling. Another striking feature happens to be predictive analytics. It is an exhaustive program with 230 procedures including summary statistics along with advanced statistical models. Statgraphics Assignment Help shall effectively describe a few key features of this software that has made it so popular and brought it into wide usage.

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Features of Statgraphics

Some essential features have been illustrated below by Statgraphics Assignment Help.
1. Design of experiments: The process model that has been decided upon or designed can be assessed for the repercussion of each factor change with the help of dynamic surface explorer. This indigenous design of experiments wizard shall be helpful to reduce costs of research while providing detailed information in each step of experiment designing. Experiments are conducted and can be
2. Interactivity: This feature helps in making the analysis easier for the user by bridging the communication gap between the data and the user. With the help of this feature, plots can be zoomed in, rotated to fit the needs of the user. Unusual points in the data can be examined, along with video making and subset highlighting.
3. Data visualisation: It is one of the most desired features of this software. It can be used to judge the changes in multivariate time series. With the adjustment of toolbar, the dynamic changes in the model can be assessed. For detailed information on the topic, refer Statgraphics Assignment Help.
4. Stat-advisor: This feature is in particular highly useful to make statistical output easy to understand for the people who lack statistical knowledge. The output so reached can thereby be made understood with insight, in simpler words. It might as well tell about the lack of information from the experiment too.
5. Quality management and improvement: this feature has presented the users with dynamic deviation dashboard. It allows varying multiple process variables of a model at the same time. A range of tools have been made available for control charts, quality assessment, gage studies, six sigma, acceptance sampling etc.

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